Thursday, June 15, 2017

Get Focused with ZonePerfect's New Revitalize for Mental Focus Bars with Caffeine! + Giveaway!

Live the Life You Love, And Nourish It with ZonePerfect!
You’re out there, you’re going for it, and you’re embracing every single second. So to help you live the life you love, our expert nutritionists balance real goodness with the delicious flavors you’ve come to crave from ZonePerfect, like rich fudge and decadent caramel. Because everyday adventures await and we give you exactly what you need to always be at your best. Life, let’s do this. 

We believe a nutrition bar can be more than a nutrition bar. With the right amount of creativity – protein, vitamins and minerals can be harmoniously combined with amazingly great taste in a way that was once thought impossible. Suddenly a nutrition bar is something else. Something you can’t wait to eat.

Hot Chocolate. (Check!) Marshmallows. (Check!) Revitalizing, energizing nutrients. (Check! Check! Check!) This sweet treat will simultaneously warm your spirits and boost your energy!

This sweet and salty treat will boost your energy and benefit your brain health (with green tea extract and choline) and tastes just like your favorite caffeinated beverage: the Salted Caramel Latte!

One of the dreamiest desserts ever just got a glorious green tea and choline makeover, which means it’s not only tasty, but it’s likely to boost your energy and your mental focus, too. Enjoy!

My Review:
Get focused with ZonePerfect's new Revitalize for Mental Focus Bars with Caffeine! As a mom of 4 I practically live on caffeine these days. I don't drink coffee but I drink a ton of tea. My number one problem with tea is that if I don't eat something along with it I tend to get a bit nauseous. With ZonePerfect's new Revitalize for Mental Focus Bars with Caffeine I no longer have to worry about eating along with my tea since these bars combine the two. I also have to add that the bars are quite delicious and don't taste like tea at all. ZonePerfect's new Revitalize for Mental Focus Bars with Caffeine really do seem to help with mental focus which is something I always need a little help with. Now, I can wake up in the mornings, grab a ZonePerfect Revitalize Bar and begin knocking out my to do list. There's no waiting for my water to heat, my tea to brew and searching for something quick to eat in the mornings. ZonePerfect's new Revitalize for Mental Focus Bars with Caffeine are the perfect way to start the day!

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