Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Enjoy Summer with Divine Flavor’s Delicious Specialty Grapes Such as Their Cotton Candy, Gummyberries Grapes & More!

In 1989, Don Enrique Camou, Carlos Bon, and Alan Aguirre started Grupo Alta with a small table grape vineyard and a business philosophy based on the values taught to them on their families’ farms.

Today, Grupo Alta is one of the most important agricultural companies in Mexico, thanks to our respect for the land, and the people who grow, ship and sell our fresh fruits and vegetables. In 2006, Alan Aguirre, Carlos Bon, and Pedro Batiz joined together with a common vision to build a grower owned distribution company based on those same values. That vision became Divine Flavor.

Because of Divine Flavor’s more direct business approach, retail customers benefit from reduced double handling costs, increased profits, and enhanced food safety protections. Consumers enjoy lower costs, but most importantly, the safety, freshness and flavor of our fruits and vegetables – every bite, every time.

This green (Straw green) Seedless has a 100% cotton candy flavor to experience in every bite. This green seedless grape whose fun flavor is captured in its name is a must-have in everyone’s table.

This is a red seedless with large berries enriched with a great fruity flavor wrapped up in crisp skin.

Our black seedless grapes, produced in the Autumn Beauty variety. Black seedless presents in medium and large size bunches loaded with black berries. With a medium density skin very well adhere to a firm and crunchy flesh. Black seedless pulps have a lighter color than the skin and a sweet flavor that vaguely resembles that to a plum.

Organic Gummyberries Grapes

The future of grapes! Small to medium size berries that have a burst of berry flavor similar to the fruity flavor of gummy bears. 

My Review:
Enjoy summer with Divine Flavor’s delicious specialty grapes such as their Cotton Candy, Gummyberries Grapes & More! Divine Flavor’s grapes are my absolute favorite grapes! When I see them in my local grocery stores I know that they won't disappoint. The quality and flavor of Divine Flavor’s grapes are superb! 

Last year around this time my kids and I stumbled upon Divine Flavor’s Cotton Candy Grapes and boy were we happy to have done so. Originally I thought the Cotton Candy Grapes were just your plain old green grapes but I quickly discovered I was wrong with my very first bite. Divine Flavor’s Cotton Candy Grapes literally taste like cotton candy! Yes, cotton candy! My family gobbled up these grapes in record time and when I returned to the store the very next day in search of more, they were already sold out. If you happen to be lucky enough to find these grapes in stores I highly recommend you grab not one or two bags but at least a few as they tend to sell out quickly.  

Divine Flavor’s Sweet Celebration and Black Seedless Table Grapes are absolutely perfect as well! Each and every single grape is perfectly sweet and crisp. They're the perfect sweet healthy snack and are sure to make summer that much more enjoyable. Whether you're poolside at the pool, at a picnic at the park or lounging around at home, they're the perfect treat! Divine Flavor’s Organic Gummyberries Grapes are also totally delicious! Each and every Gummyberries Grape is packed with sweetness. They're the perfect size for snacking and I love that they come in a package already de-stemmed and ready for eating. 

Divine Flavor’s grapes are amazingly delicious and their quality is outstanding! 

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