Monday, June 19, 2017

Keep Kids Busy this Summer with Klutz Craft Kits! #SUMMERFUN

Klutz creates award-winning, premium activity kits for kids and kid-minded adults. Since 1977, Klutz has kick-started creativity by combining crystal-clear instructions and a silly sense of humor. Our kits are 100% Klutz certified and include everything you need to get started. Our mission is simple: Create wonderful things, be good, have fun.

Klutz Jr.

Made especially for little hands learning fine motor skills, this book and craft kit is ready for kids to dive right in and make 10 adorable ocean critters. With 6 colors of air-dry clay, a special shaping tool, and colorful pre-cut and custom pieces, kids can follow simple step-by-step instructions to create their own underwater adventures.

Klutz Jr.

Children”s imaginations run wild as they transform egg cartons into 6 barnyard animals. Specially made egg cartons tear apart and glue easily. Fun animal facts throughout the book give an added giggle as kids paint and add googly eyes, cotton balls, and pre-cut accessories to make their very own farm animal friends.

My Review:
Keep kids busy this summer with Klutz Activity Kits! I homeschool my kids so I'm used to having them home with me but the one thing that changes for us over the summer is that sometimes it gets's too hot to play outside. So, that means I need to find creative ways to keep them busy and entertained indoors which gets challenging. Klutz Activity Kits are not only extremely fun but my kids made the cutest stuff with them that can be saved for years to come. 

My Clay Critters from the Klutz Jr. line made make 10 adorable ocean critters that my kids have proudly displayed in their rooms for all to see. The My Clay Critters from the Klutz Jr. line includes 6 colors of air-dry clay, a special shaping tool, and colorful pre-cut and custom pieces. My 9 year old read the directions to my 4 and 7 year old and they were all able to create super adorable little ocean critters with absolutely no problems what so ever. I loved seeing them all work together and when they were done they all sat and played with their critters together. In fact, now that their critters are dry they still take them out and play together. My Clay Critters from the Klutz Jr. line is the perfect indoor activity for kids this summer!

My Egg Carton Animals from the Klutz Jr. line is a hoot! My Egg Carton Animals from the Klutz Jr. line includes specially made egg cartons that tear apart and glue easily, paint, googly eyes, cotton balls, glue, and pre-cut accessories. The kit also includes fun animal facts throughout the book to give kids an added giggle. My kids were able to make their very own farm animal friends with ease. After the paint dried my kids brought the farm animal friends to the table and played together with them for hours. My Egg Carton Animals from the Klutz Jr. line is an incredibly fun craft activity for kids that's sure to keep them entertained this summer!

The Klutz Jr. line is perfect for kids and is a great way to keep the kiddos busy and entertained when it's too hot to play outdoors!

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